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Customers with Electrician needs

I have two kitchen lighting fixtures, one track and the other just regular ceiling fixture and would like a professional electrician to do the installation work. Your company installed track lighting in our basement about a year ago and we were very happy with the work.

Sandra P

I'm interested in getting an estimate for relocating some light switches and outlets, moving the location of two existing ceiling fixtures and installing some new pot lights in my kitchen.

Zach G

interested in an estimate for outdoor (landscape-type) lighting installation

Michele F

Want upgrade electrical connection with GFCI installation in bathroom/kitchen/outdoor and indoor upgrading to grounded connection. Also gas and carbon-monoxide detector installation

Debanjan S

We need to replace oudated fuse box with circuit breakers in order to get insurance coverage on the structure. This is a seasonal cottage (wood structure). These are probably the original boxes and was built in the late 40's. The stove is electric which requires 220v. Would like an estimate to see what this update would cost.

Terrence B

I need to install 2 ceiling fans in rooms that do not have any electrical junction box in the ceiling already. There is no access via an attic or crawlspace above the ceiling of the rooms.

Jared A